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The workshop has been successfully concluded, and we would like to share how some of our participants say they have benefited:

Dr Tan has explained so clearly what’s been linked up that I’ve a deeper understanding. It was very validating & affirming to hear the speaker to talk about challenges in the  therapy profession. Most of all it was also very fun as Dr Tan is an excellent performer.

Reflection on the importance of self-compassion. The references to psychology, and the fact that Dr Tan embodies the mindfulness that he preaches. Enjoyed his humour and his humility. Very inspiring. Meditative exercises were good too.

I can apply what I learnt immediately at work & at home.

It’s healthy to say ‘No’ sometimes.

Realising that anger directed at us are not personal attacks; it’s all conditions.

Reminded me  to be mindful, take necessary actions to prevent myself from getting  into anxiety & stress.

It was a good reminder for me to take good care of ourselves.

And some of the encouraging comments we received:

Thanks for organising this workshop with heart & loving kindness!

Well done! Keep up the good work!

Dharma In Action would like to thank Poh Ming Tse Temple for sponsoring the venue and giving us their support, and all participants, for being with us.

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