Thus Have I Seen, THIS Buddhist Film Festival 2009 is the second major project of Dharma In Action.

The film festival aims to promote awareness of the Buddha’s timeless Teachings and diversity of Buddhist cultures around the world through the use of film, a contemporary medium.

Playing on the oft-cited verse “Thus have I heard” recited by Venerable Ananda at the start of many Buddhist sutras, T.H.I.S. Buddhist Film Festival 2009 hopes to achieve a similar reflection amongst Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike, as they discuss Buddhist Teachings and values featured in the films.

In 2009, it concluded successfully with more than 90% of tickets sold, and 6 of the 9 screenings completely sold out.

The second edition in 2012 will happen in September, and ticket sales have started. Please click here for more details.



Shortlisted Films in 2009

The films are shortlisted by a committee of dedicated Buddhist youths who aim to showcase the diverse philosophy, cultures and history impacted by Buddhism.