Words of encouragement from our partners and participants


Dear Dharma In Action,

This is first time I got to know about DIA. I was highly fortunate to have attended 3 days of Dharma teachings with venerable Rabjam Rinpoche and venerable Matthieu Ricard over the last weekend. To have 2 great Dharma teachers come Singapore to share Dharma was indeed a rare and special opportunity. I sincerely thank DIA and all those who have made it possible. Thank you. May all sentient beings find happiness,peace and liberation.


With Metta

Jeremy Tan, 2012


Dear Bro Puay Kim, Sisters Seow Yuin, Ching Wi and everyone at Dharma In Action

Sukhi hontu & good Saturday Morning

we all salute & rejoice in all your effort in the Dhammaduta & Sasana work

Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu Anumodana

We sincerely hope that the Dhamma that opens the path to Nibbana continue to be learned, practised and realised.

Please continue the excellent Dhammaduta work.


… together we light up the world

With Much Gratitude & Metta

Yeekong for all in the Firefly Mission, 2011


Thank you for putting the effort for organising this event.  I received good comments from devotees.  You are a group of young remarkable Buddhists.

Personally, I like the way (the book launch and merit making) was done, where different Buddhist organisations and groups are involved – Buddhist Union offering the venue, DIA organising the Merit Making,  Book Launch by Venerable Faxun, and also helping Firefly Mission, Swan Fund with their appeals.  I would think that there should be more co-operation among Buddhists.

Well Done DIA.

Venerable Faxun, 2011


Hi Sis Ching Wi,

We are  glad to share the joy of Dharma In Action’s noble deed and Merit Making. We certainly look forward to work closely with DIA for future projects.
May we take this opportunity to extend our hearty greeting to You and your Committee.  Wishing DIA another fruitful 2012 ahead.
With Metta,
G S Tan
The Buddhist Union, 2o11