It is important to Agree to Disagree.

The Agree to Disagree e-book and booklet provides practical tips to support Buddhists who are facing proselytism in their workplace, school or even at home, so that they can maintain their stand with compassion and wisdom.

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Some of the positive feedback we have since received:

Helpful Advice

Submitted by Steve Bastasch on Mon, 08/02/2010 – 10:23.

Just a brief note of “thanks” for this handy, succinct guide for responding to proselytising. It’s perfectly buddhistic in that it 1) speaks truthfully and 2) speaks compassionately. Couldn’t ask for more or better than that 🙂


Look for Common Threads that Bind

Submitted by WillyWu on Mon, 05/17/2010 – 20:09.

I commend the commitee for moving in the right direction by putting in print and online, “Agree to Disagree”.

All Singaporeans, regardless of their faith, should read this book in order to have a better understanding and perspective of Buddhism.

May I suggest that copies of this literature be distributed to Singaporeans of all faiths through the S’pore Inter-faith Council.

The examples set by religious leaders (especially senior ones) of various faiths go a long way to ensure the long-term religious harmony in multi-faith Singapore.

We should identify the common threads (in all the different religions) that help to bind us as a Nation and avoid those that seek to cause misunderstanding and mistrust.