A Nice Day!

After a hectic 5-day work week, I reminded myself to stay away from office work
during weekends. I ended up restlessly looking for activities to spend my time, and kept on
wanting to get out from my dull room. I felt uncomfortable doing nothing for the past two

But today, after attending a small group cultivation session led by Venerable Faxun, I
felt good. I spent my day meaningfully learning yoga, practising hard to mind my “monkey”
mind and discussing Dhamma issues. What I liked most was Venerable’s sincerity and
friendliness as she related her personal experiences with us. I also felt connected as a
family, enjoying Venerable’s simple cooked lunch, cleaning up the venue after meal and
learning Yoga from Sis Xin Min. To me, by having like-minded people around to support
each other helps in one’s cultivation.

I am grateful to Sis Seow Yuin, who has organised today’s session that I have
benefitted a lot. I realize that I need to have confidence in my practice; and forgive myself
on the mistakes made while learning the Buddha Dhamma. The thought of seeing myself
practising perfectly every moment needs to be brushed away.
I wish to practise again with my Kalyana Mittas (spiritual friends) a month from now.

Sukhi Hotu (May you be happy)!
29 August 2011