Photo by Liew Shi Xiong

Camp LIONS, a Buddhist youth leadership camp supported by Dharma In Action, was successfully concluded on 19 June 2011, and here are some reflections and feedback from our Buddhist youth leaders:

It allowed me to understand myself and reminded me to uphold the Buddhist values.

It was a chance for me to test my own endurance level and temper, and the workshops helped.

It has helped me to  be a much better leader and how to work with our individual teams.

It helped me realise & find some answers to my problem, learning from other leaders & knowing more of myself.

Thought me things that I have not encountered before, stand out when required, and stepped back when needed.

I was exposed to many new concepts and ideas, love the new culture, love the food, love my newly made Singaporean friends.

They have also described the camp activities and facilitators as such:

Frankly, I love the idea of integrating Buddhist societies in a camp, it gives a broader outlook of different societies & how they function.

Awesome, outgoing, caring, compassionate.  Leadership activities were great, love the mystery concept.

Targeting the root and essence.  Facilitators were helpful and catalysed the learning process.

100% of the participants said that they would encourage their peers to join the next Camp LIONS!

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Campers caught on video:

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