Reflection piece by Bro Albert, after a one-day retreat

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A Nice Day! After a hectic 5-day work week, I reminded myself to stay away from office work during weekends. I ended up restlessly looking for activities to spend my time, and kept on wanting to get out from my dull room. I felt uncomfortable doing nothing for the past two days. But today, after attending a small group cultivation session led by Venerable Faxun, I felt good. I spent my day meaningfully learning yoga, practising hard to mind my...

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Camp LIONS 2011 Successfully Concluded

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Camp LIONS, a Buddhist youth leadership camp supported by Dharma In Action, was successfully concluded on 19 June 2011, and here are some reflections and feedback from our Buddhist youth leaders: It allowed me to understand myself and reminded me to uphold the Buddhist values. It was a chance for me to test my own endurance level and temper, and the workshops helped. It has helped me to  be a much better leader and how to work with our...

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Combating Compassion Fatigue at the Workplace: Successfully concluded!

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The workshop has been successfully concluded, and we would like to share how some of our participants say they have benefited: Dr Tan has explained so clearly what’s been linked up that I’ve a deeper understanding. It was very validating & affirming to hear the speaker to talk about challenges in the  therapy profession. Most of all it was also very fun as Dr Tan is an excellent performer. Reflection on the importance of...

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